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Road to nowhere part 2

This made me laugh, I’m sat at my desk between clients, trying to work on a little project I’m working on. My desk is right beside the treadmills, I look down the line and saw four lads on four treadmills, all different builds and sizes. They were in perfect time!

I couldn’t believe it, these lads, all running in perfect step. If they were sie by side, fair enough, but no, they were seperated by other runners.

Why don’t you take off your ipod, get away from the treadmill and pick up a bar or kettlebell.

I guarentee you’ll boost your performance and results

Come on guys, don’t blend in. Have the nuts to stand on your own, and get the results to show for it.

In one week I’ve had two big lads humbled by a 16kg kettlebell, and these are strong lads. I’ve converted crunch adicts to functional core training (see the Combat Coreebook on the right).

Wild Geese any cause but our own

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