Reopening of Wild Geese

The doors of Wild Geese are finally reopening.

It has been an unprecedented period, and I would like to reach out and thank every member who have continued to support us during the lockdown period.

Without you guys, we would not be in a position to reopen at all.

That said, all visits MUST be pre-booked as numbers, by necessity, are to be kept limited.

But Seb is waiting for you

He posted this the other day on his instagram:

And today showcased some of the training he will be leading you through:

Deadlifts, for strength

Side Lying Rainbows for Mobility:

Swings and Sledghammer Slams for Endurance:

Keeping to the mantra that fitness is built on the three legs of Strength, Mobility and Endurance. And that with the right exercises done in the right order, this trifecta of fitness can be yours for the taking.

If you're willing to do the work.

Are you?


Dave Hedges

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