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Refresh the blood

I’m supposed to be working on a free download to give away on this blog, but to be fair, sitting at the computer does my head it.

I get stiff and tired, irritable and easily distracted.

So I just got up and stuck the kettle on. while that was heating up I thought, “stuff this, I need to refresh the blood.” that’s a term I’ve used for longer than I can remember, it simply means I need to do something to get the heart pumping, stimulate the body and mind so I can refocus. Something to get rid of that dull achy feeling and grey mind that comes with sitting still for too long.

I grabbed my countdown timer and set it for 5 mins. Then proceeded to knock out Hindu squats, starting slowly and gradually increasing the pace. I heard the kettle click off, but I had to finish. 5 minutes isn’t long, but at a rapid clip the legs tire, so really focus on keeping te form and getting deep breaths into you. The extra oxygen from deep breathing will not only keep the legs going but will also serve to freshen the mind.


So there you go. 5 minutes later I feel productive again, my blood is refreshed and the mind is ready to go (as much as it ever is….)

And I’ve got a steaming cup of mint tea to enjoy.

Ah well, back to work….



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