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Rediscovering Swings and How Exercise Impacts Mental Health

I have to come clean

As much as I advocate the benefit of the simple kettlebell swing, it seems I have been neglecting it!

And over the last couple of week I’ve been training fairly hard following a 2 hand Swing based program written by legendary strength coach Dan John.

And when I started, it kicked my arse!!

Now I’m several sessions into it, my hands have adapted and I am no longer crippled by DOMS, but what a great program.

What is the program?

It’s the 10,000 swing challenge.

It’s simplicity itself:

10 x Swings 1 rep of a strength move 15 x Swings 2 reps of a strength move 25 x Swings 3 reps of a strength move 50 x Swings This is one round. Perform 5 rounds

What are the strength moves? That’s kind of your choice, I’m using 1 arm presses, Pistol Squats and Pull Ups primarily. But I also use Ring Dips & Rope Climbs (that’s tough!)

What training frequency? Dan John says do 2 days on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off. My week can be chaotic with client appointments, so I aim to get 3-5 sessions per week to give me flexibility.

It’s working.

My core is feeling rock solid, my hips move great, by breathing is settled and the simple strength moves are becoming easy.

So while my kettlebell work over the last I don’t know how many years has been Kettlebell Sport based, I will be using 2 handed swings is a semi “hard style” much more frequently, even after the mile challenge.

Speaking of the mile swing, we’ve another guest post on the Mighty Mile site.

Mark de Grasse who runs the Mad Fit Magazine I write for has provided a short video on how Exercise Impacts Mental Health, have a look and please don’t forget to:

1: Share the post

2: Hit the Donate button and help us raise €10,000 to split between HOPS and The Mental Health reform

Heres the post:


Dave Hedges

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