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Have you ever noticed how some people are always ready.

Always ready to go at the drop of a hat.



They may not have slept

They may not have eaten

But they still go.

They still have it.

This is an attribute that can be called readiness.

It’s a killer attribute to have.

And it’s trainable.

They key factor is attitude. And if you’re a regular reader of my stuff, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A few years ago I published a blog post with a few fitness standards listed, I still get emails about that to this day, it seems people liked them.

Many of the standards were listed with a suffix of….

“on any given day”

One standard was a 10km run in under an hour. Under an hour is far from a fast time, but the fact it says, “on any given day” assumes that you will always be ready to run it in under an hour.

Did a leg day yesterday?

Still run 10k in under an hour today.

Did a long run yesterday?

Still run a 10km in under an hour today.

Just finished a 24hr fast?

Still run a 10km in under an hour today.




This is readiness.

I’m using running as an example, but it also goes for any drill, any standard you want.

Half bodyweight Turkish Get Up?

Any given day.

100 kettlebell snatch in 5 minutes?

Any given day.

Doing it once, under perfect conditions is cool, but once that’s achieved, can you do it in less than perfect conditions?

Can you snatch without chalk? Can you snatch outside, in a hail storm (true story: I was out in the back yard snatching on a density workout, half way though a cloud came over and it started hail stones. I set a PR that day!)

To be always ready means to have high standards for yourself

It means you’ve trained to achieve something higher, so that on any given day you can hit your minimum.

It means you’ve worked to raise your average.

Any. Given. Day.


Dave Hedges

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