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Re – Learning to Squat Post Injury

Baltic Fitness and Physio is a great little gym that aims to bridge the gap between the treatment table and the gym.

Many of their clients are in the “older” category.

So as part of the workshop over the weekend, we looked at various ways to use the squat safely with those clients. How can we get them sitting back into their posterior chain? How can we have them move with confidence, safe that they won’t lose balance?

The Landmine Squat ticks all those boxes.

The bar itself acting as a “third leg” that provides balance while almost forcing them to find a good groove for the motion.

We also looked at using a box squat for those with confidence in their balance, taking it to a single leg box squat as and when applicable.

Each of these squat variations loads up the posterior chain and develops strong legs with minimal stress on the spine and knees, so ideal for rehab and/or older clients.

As a point of interest, unfortunately I don’t have any photos, the girl pictured here is one of the physios. Before we went through this landmine squat, her freestanding bodyweight squat depth was what you see here. After, she squatted full range. The difference? The landmine had pushed her into her posterior chain and allowed her the confidence to “find the pull” and pull herself deeper into a squat. A happy by-product.

Great workshop, thanks again to @balticfiteckernfoerde for inviting me

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