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Random Thoughts: Kettlebell Sport Edition

We’re a few weeks out from the AIKLF National Championships, so our Kettleheads GS Team are in the last leg of their Kettlebell Sport training before the event.

So this is one of those Random Thoughts blog posts centred on Kettlebell Sports and the training involved.

1: The lifts are a great test of all round strength, mobility and endurance

2: Jerk, Clean & Jerk (Long Cycle) and Snatch offer near complete training of the body.

3: Near complete, but not complete. There is need for horizontal pressing, spinal flexion, rotator cuff, deep knee bends, higher intensity strength work and lower intensity cardio vascular work.

4: If you’re short on time, the Long Cycle and some Front Squats will keep you right

5: The Snatch is a rabbit warren of technical subtleties,  how you perform the lift is determined by what you want to get from the lift

6: Kettlebell sport is about relaxing as much as possible while getting as many reps as possible. Think about that, you have to relax while lifting weights as quickly as you can to get as many reps as you can in a given time period. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

7: Breathing well is key

8: The only rep that matters is the one you’re currently doing

9: All the studies that the Dragon Door used in the early Hard Style marketing were from Kettlebell Sport lifters, not Hard Style lifters.

10: All top kettlebell sport lifters show incredible all round athleticism, they can turn their hand to almost any physical endeavour. While they specialise in their sport, their training is generally a well rounded mix of strength, mobility and endurance

If you want to know more about our Kettleheads Team, have a look here:


Dave Hedges

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