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Random Friday Thoughts: Uncertainty

It’s an odd day today.

This is the day Britain was meant to leave Europe, except they didn’t and know one knows what the hell is happening next.

I’m not sure why that is relevant to a fitness blog, other than uncertainty.

Uncertainty is, in my opinion, something we should relish.

There are few things we are genuinely in control of. In fact, I think the only thing we are in control of is how we think about things, our attitude.

I’ve said for years, “Attitude is everything”

If you read adventure stories, or watch adventure movies, it’s attitude that gets the hero through. Looking for opportunity, capitalising on it when it appears, not dwelling on it when it goes wrong.

It’s not positive thinking, because that’s simply delusional, it is positive attitude.

It’s making the best of any given scenario.

Here’s the thing, since we live in a world that offers us the illusion of plenty and the illusion that we should buy more shit to be  a better person, how do we know if we have enough or need more?

Unless you have been tested, you don’t.

How do you know you can cope in X scenario or without Y product?

Unless you have tried, even by simulation, you don’t.

There’s an old saying I’m exceptionally fond of:

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”

It means that you should seek out discomfort, unfamiliar and testing scenarios. It is these things that show you your limits, your edges.

And if you learn where your edges lie, then you can be very certain of the territory within those edges. You become confident, not arrogant. You become independent, not isolated. You become capable

You realise that you are not limited by things or people, you are not a God of Hammers

And you also gain insight as to where your personal development and training may need to focus on to push which edge further out.

Uncertainty is a good thing. It allows you to discover your edges. Which brings with it certainty, and a lack of fear.

Now, go explore.


Dave Hedges

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