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Random Friday Thoughts: The Lanes Edition

It’s Friday, so here’s a few random thoughts that have come up over the last few days:

Starting today, thanks to this Facebook Memory from 5 years ago:

I know the sound is poor, but you can hear enough to get the gist. I’ve just explained the entire concept of Progressive Resistance Training, only using a punch as the example.

Principles are not method or style dependant. They are universal. That is why struggling with them, digging into them and trying to understand and embody the principles is of far greater benefit than simply following a method or a style.

Dig a little deeper. You’ll not be disappointed.

Related to this is the concept of staying in your lane.

Just as understanding principles means that you can easily apply them to any scenario, it doesn’t mean you are an expert in every scenario.

This fitness industry is full of people who think they are some kind of life coach or therapist. I get it, we change lives for the better, but it’s not our greatness that changes a persons life, it’s theirs.

A client comes into a gym and they do the the fucking work, all I do is guide, poke and prod, shout and make bad jokes. But they are the ones that turned up of their own volition, paid the fee and handed you their trust.

So if you are in this industry, stay in your lane. Only give advice you are qualifies to give. Be professional and stop trying to impress people. Instead, be impressed by people.

Last one……

As much as I tell people to stay in their lane, makes sure you have several lanes to work in. There’s no fun being a one trick pony, unless of course you’re the guy that delves so deep into an area of expertise there’s no room for anything else. I respect that.

But have multiple interests where possible. Adding the rehab and injury management side to my my existing Fitness training service was the best thing I ever did to my business, it added a whole new lane. Not only that, having interests outside of my field of expertise, makes it easier to chat to clients and relate to them.

Be interesting Be interested

And that’s all for today.

Enjoy your weekend

Dave Hedges

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