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Random Friday Thoughts: Tenacity and why you need it

This week has bee  flat out busy, so no blog posts for you.

Although I’ve a couple in the pipeline that will be coming out next week.

So today we have a few Random Friday Thoughts

Starting with: TENACITY

Right now, Special Forces guys are cool. Yeah, I know, they’ve always been cool, but that’s because they are the modern version of the Ninja, all secretive and shit.

But currently, they’re all over the telly giving speeches or presenting “Hell Week” style challenge programs.

Most people have a view of soldiers, especially the more cloak and dagger specialist units, as hairy arsed, musclebound monsters. Hopefully, this current trend of the celebrity former SF is showing that there is more to them then that.

I have friends that I’ve known for years that are/were SF and they’re some of the most rounded (if completely nuts) people I know.

Steve & Mark, two of the nicest lads I know, both former Marines

So what is it that makes these guys so special?

Hopefully this is what is coming though on these shows.

It can be summed up in one word: TENACITY

tenacity noun [ U ] UK ​ /təˈnæs.ə.ti/ US ​ /təˈnæs.ə.t̬i/ the determination to continue what you are doing Synonyms perseverance approving persistence

When people talk about toughness and mental toughness, the word tenacity is probably a better choice.

To quote Denzel in Man on Fire, “There is no such thing as tough. There’s trained and there’s untrained, now which are you?”


Which are you?

Training is a long term project. It’s not 12 weeks or 30 days. It’s years.

And it’s not just an hour in the gym and it’s done.

If it doesn’t spill over into daily life, then you may have developed a stronger body or a more impressive physique, but you my friend are still untrained.

I look back over my life and I can see all the kids I knew growing up who really listened to our Coach Jack Parker and those that didn’t. Not all of us became black belts or won prizes in competition. Most left for one reason or another, but those who listened took Jacks lessons into every endeavour they undertook, which is why now, on the facebook I see them doing great things.

And Jack taught tenacity, Karate teaches tenacity. As do many other training modalities.

Special Forces selection tests tenacity.

The most important attribute for any person to develop in order to go from their current state of being to a better state of being is tenacity.

Many of clients travel, when they do they ask for bodyweight training programs to do in their Hotel rooms and they message me when they do them. This is tenacity.

Another client has just emailed me from the recovery room after a surgery asking if she can still come to the gym when she’s released and detailed out her current state of health and the potential issues. That shows tenacity. Not bull at a gate aggression, but a long view, a patient observation of current position and how that aligns with her expected position and calling me to help her plot the course between the two.

I could go on, but I’m short on time so will wrap it up here with a closing statement.

You have always had tenacity, my kids have it, in fact today’s post is inspired by them winning awards in school for exactly that. They both made huge progress in weak subjects showing a determination and willingness to struggle. They know I hold that quality dear, hopefully they will too. You had it as a kid, you still have it now.

Use it.


Dave Hedges

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