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Random Friday Thoughts: Shoulder Stuff

Random Friday thoughts…

Here’s another episode of random Friday thoughts, strap in, I’ve no idea where this going….


A friend of mine, Nathan Featherstone has his own podcast running under Freemen Fitness banner. It’s a good podcast that just got better because he interviewed our own Maria Moran. She talks about Kettlebell Sport, being World Champion and a few other things. Enjoy:


Your sporting posture should not become your living posture. I’m fairly sure it was Grey Cook who said that, or some version of that. And he’s dead right.

And a lot of people talk about the dangers of sitting, desk work etc.

Ever noticed how many sports are played in a position similar to sitting? Don’t take that too literally, I’m talking about joint angles, not actually sitting. Back when I released Fighting Back, this page raised a shit storm of “Oh wow!! I’d never thought of it like that” sort of comments:

Now think of the shoulder, spine and neck position of a cyclist or a boxer, kinda similar eh?

Key point, train the upper back, all of it. A lot. Get to know your scapula, how it moves, how it is affected by the position of the head, spine and hips.

Fighting Back was written for the BJJ player, but its valid for most people.

And finally…..

On the theme of upper back and shoulders, here’s a “1 minute tutorial “ on a lovely Indian Club exercise to play with:

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Dave Hedges

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