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Random Friday Thoughts: Kettlebell Sport, Blue Light and Toxic Monsters

A few random Friday thoughts to fill your head with.

1: Last AIKLF Kettlebell Sports event of 2016 just announced.

The final event on the AIKLF calendar was just announced, a 5 minute event in Port Lois.

Everyone who has competed as part of my Kettleheads team is in the closed Facebook group so has seen the event page, but what of those who’d like to compete but can’t make it to a coach?

Well, I may have a solution……

I can still give you the programming you need in order to succeed via our online training service.

This will involve you videoing yourself lifting, there’s no other way to work on the technical elements of the lifts.

If you’d like to compete as a Kettlehead, get in touch asap ( <—–that link opens the contact page), either to get cracking on training in WG-Fit or with our online help

2: Chief Kettlehead Moran in final preparations

While I’m pimping out our Kettlebell sports training programs, we have to acknowledge our current members. After all, you can only judge the quality of a coach by the achievements of his clients.

And our Maria after deciding this time last year that she’d like a shot at the world title, didn’t just qualify for the Irish team, but became European Champion and is now on the final straight heading into the World Championships at the end of this month.

Preparation hasn’t been easy, the Snatch lift doesn’t come naturally to her at all, but with the right coaching, patience, persistence and dogged determination, she’s shone through.


I’m always proud of maria’s work ethic, but to go from not Snatching to standing beside the best in the world inside of 12 months is phenomenal.

3: Setting Yourself Up for  a Fall

I’m just getting over a stomach bug.

I’m blaming my kids.

The two little germ bags spend every day in classrooms filled with other little germ bags.


If your average Health & Safety / Hygiene officer spent any time around children, he’d probably have a heart attack!!

But I digress.

The point is, I got sick. Whether or not I caught something from my little toxic waste dumps or not is beside the point.

And like most things, my getting sick was partly my own fault.

I wasn’t listening to my body.

The one thing I try my best to drive home to every clients I’ve ever trained and I didn’t do it myself.

Very often we get sick or injured and it’s our own fault. We got there by leaving ourselves vulnerable.

We’d ignored the signs, pushed when we shouldn’t have pushed and sooner or later something had to give.

Training is a form of stress.

We can only handle so much stress in our system (read Why Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers by Robert M. Sapolsky, here’s an amazon link:

it’s a masterpiece on stress) And sometimes if we already have a shit tonne of stress going on, and then we train, our immune system can dive so low as to allow in every bug under the sun.

And then it’s Man Flu of the likes no one has EVER suffered before!

Or maybe you’ve an ache that’ll “just sort itself out” so you train. But as you train, you avoid loading that strain, so overload something else. You know, that left ankle sprain hurts a bit, so we shift some of the weight to our right leg, which feels better. Until a week or a month later, our back starts to hurt because the hip alignment is now out….

And so on……

And so forth…….

The point is, pay attention to yourself and your recovery.

And don’t be afraid to back off from time to time.

4: Blue Skies today in Dublin

(note: at the time of writing……) Which comes after 2 days of heavy rain.

Ireland is in Northern half of the Northern Hemisphere and covered in perpetual cloud. Which means when the sun shine, we really should make the most of it and get out and work on some of that good ole Vitamin D production.

It’s pretty well known that we need sunlight on our skin, but what about this Blue Light we hear about that emanates from out Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops etc…

Well teh smart people at Examine have just trawled the research, as only they can, and released this excellent article on how Blue Light affects the body.

And it links directly into the random point above,

This link will whisk you away to, enjoy:

And that’s all I got for today.

See you in the gym

Dave Hedges.

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