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Random Friday Thoughts – Elegance, Running, Pride

It’s been a while since the last Random Thoughts post.

They usually come at the end of a busy week when I’ve not had the time to sit and write a more cohesive post. You may be thinking, “Dave, your posts are usually quite short, they can’t take long to write!” Which is valid, but I’d argue that brevity is harder than verboseness.

Brevity requires economy, efficiency even elegance. This elegance requires skill. It requires the ability to apply Occam’s razor and strip away anything unnecessary.

This is something I attempt to apply in my writing, but it’s also something we should apply to our training.

Great training sessions get a lot done done with the least time, and the least fuss. They are efficient and elegant. During the last Indian Clubs workshop I talked about how small my Indian Clubs syllabus is and compared it to Boxing.

A Boxer has 4 punches to choose from, yet look at what they can do with those four punches. Watch Katie Taylor or Lomachenko and you will see poetry in motion, artistry, elegance, but it’s still if you boil it down just four punches. Jab – Cross – Hook – Uppercut


You’re gym sessions should revolve around: a Jab – Upper Body Push a Cross – Upper Body Pull a Hook – Hip Hinge Movements an Uppercut – A knee break / squat type movement

Now, your cross may be an overhand, looping, a feint, a superman punch, low to the body…….. Which means our Upper Body Pull can be a bent over row, inverted row, dumbbell row, a landmine row a face pull and so on and so forth.

Here’s a video clip from my last Indian Clubs workshop talking about a similar point:

This segways us nicely to Workshops..

We have 3 places remaining for next months Running workshop with Helen Hall. Three. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Why should you attend?

  1. Runners are very frequently injured, this is more to do with poor biomechanics/technique than it is footwear or running surface

  2. Cardiovascular fitness, or rather a well developed aerobic system underpins all other aspects of fitness, most notably your ability to recover.

  3. Leg strength is highly correlated to longevity and health, ok running won’t give you maximal leg strength, but it will certainly keep you strong in a real world manner

  4. Being able to simply lace up and step out your front door to run is the ability to step out and get some peace and quiet, some moving meditation, to “refresh the blood” Head out to the mountains and that effect is amplified ten fold

Helen Hall is probably the best authority on running well that I’ve come across. Workshop details are all here if you click the image:

Last thought:

Do something this week that you will look back on with pride. What it is exactly is unimportant. But this time next week, next month or even next year you should be able to look back and be proud of that accomplishment, no matter how small.

You can tell me what you did if you like, or keep it to yourself. It’s all good. Just do something.


Dave Hedges

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