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Random Friday Thoughts: Aerobics, Goals and Podcasts

Here’s a few random Friday thoughts to distract you from the monotony of your day:

1: My Podcast thingy.

As hesitant as I am to call it a podcast, I guess that’s what my ravings from the car are. I started with YouTube videos, but now I’m using facebook live videos.


Because of an app that takes that video and publishes it to both Youtube and soundcloud for me. For you. For someone…

Anyhow, go to and you’ll see the most recent post explaining it all and the links to use.

2: Aerobics are back!

No, not the headband wearing, lycra clad nonesense of the 80’s that has been rebranded evey few years since. That is called “Exercise to music” in the trade.

Aerobic refers to producing energy in the presence of Oxygen. The modality you use to work is practically irrelevant, what is important is you heart rate. Build time in the 120-150 BPM range doing whatever you enjoy. 20 minutes is kind of a minimum, there is no maximum.

Ideally be breathing exclusively through the nose while doing this (it may drive the HR up a little, but it will keep you slow so you physically can’t jump into the lactate or anaerobic stage)

Why is it back? Well, finally the reign of the power lifter strength coach and the HIIT Jedi seems to be on the wane and we are once again realising the value of well rounded energy system development. Strength is important, but it’s of little use without the ability to recover or repeat, and that ability relies on the aerobic system.

So, close your mouth and move.

3: Keeping the Goal the Goal.

This phrase comes from Dan John, who in the Strength and Conditioning world is pretty much God.

It means that you must not lose sight of what you are training for. Few of you that read my work are competitive lifters. So your goal is not to lift more weight, your goal is to get stronger, which involves lifting more weight. The goal is strength. The goal isn’t lifting more weight, that’s merely the method.

Same for running. The goal isn’t to run further or faster. The goal is to develop a better aerobic system. Running (or cycling etc) is merely the tool.

This is what the phrase “Functional Training” is supposed to mean. It means the training revolves around the goal, the goal is never the training.

As ever if you have any questions, queries etc, drop me a line.

Chat soon

⁣Regards Dave Hedges​

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