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Random Friday Thoughts, 8 of them!!

1: It’s hay fever season.

Personally I’ve suffered from hayfever since my mid teens. Every summer spent popping antihistamines, until I decided to stop. I started focussing on breathing through my nose, especially during light cardio (ie my daily cycle commute to and from WG-FIT) Then I learned the Buteyko method. I now control my hay fever easily and have about the same level of issue that I would have while popping the anti histamine tablets. Key point, clear your nose (blow it, rinse it) then keep the mouth shut, small in breath, bigger out breath. Yes, it’s uncomfortable at first, but then so is hay fever!

2: Feet are phenomenally fascinating.

These two small, complex plates of meat at the end of our legs are our contact point with the ground No other animal had a the arch structure like we humans

3: Being the best in the gym This really is the wooden spoon when compared to being great outside of the gym.

Same for our athletes.

Their gym training supports their sports performance, they don’t win medals for push ups or lunges, but the push ups and lunges should improve their chances of winning medals at their pursuit of choice.

Not a wooden spoon in sight….

This reminds me, this Sat (June 23rd) we have Kettleheads competing in Wexford, including Ellen in her first ever GS event. And we have Aneta fighting in the Irish Kyokushin Karate Nationals, just across the road from WG-Fit, so afternoon classes are cancelled so we can go over and cheer her on.

4: People who credit their sources are good people Those who don’t are dicks.

5: “Methods are many, principles are few” This is a phrase I like a lot. It separates the wheat from the chaff, provides a bullshit filter. No matter the physical training method or even physical rehabilitation method, they revolve around 1 simple thing. The human animal. Understand the animal, the energy systems, the joint actions and training becomes a very simple choice.

6: Indian Clubs ie the Pahlavandle, should be a part of everyone’s kit. Low tech but extremely high yield, especially when compared against the relatively low time and energy requirements. I’ve a video tutorial that will be available in the shop page soon, until then, come to (or host) one of my Indian Clubs workshops. Here’s the next one:

7: We should all squat in our training The method of squatting depends on both your physical set up and the outcome you desire. I do back squats because I suck at them, but high rep belt squats give me the actual results that I desire. This might not be the case for you.

Been finishing my squat sessions with high rep belt squats for the last while. This is last few reps from today, 1 set of 50 with the 36kg Kettlebell These are a great way to light up the legs without worrying about the spine. Or having arm/back/ab fatigue getting in the way. And for old guys with old injuries, that can be pure gold. The sweet harmonies on the stereo are from Nailbomb #wgfamily #irishfitfam #squat #legday #Kettlebell #Nailbomb #oldschool

A post shared by Dave Hedges (@dave_hedges) on Feb 26, 2018 at 10:41am PST

8: Short on Time? If lack of time really is your limiting factor standing in the way of your fitness training, you really need to join the WG-FIT training group. I post the workouts that our lunchtime crew do on their lunch breaks. They get from the office to the gym, perform a Kettlebell/ bodyweight full body workout and get back to their desks within an hour. I’m sure they eat as well. Fitness Training doesn’t have to be time consuming. But it does have to be done. Join the group:

And that’s all for today

If you’ve questions on any of the points raised, I’d love to hear them, get in touch by email or facebook.

Chat soon

Dave Hedges

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