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Random Friday Thoughts

It’s been an interesting week in WG-FIT this week.

Here’s a few things that were noteworthy.

1) Routine Daily Maintenance “RDM” for short. Think about a car. A new car requires no maintenance, you get in, start her up and off you go. But as the car ages, it’s maintenance requirements go up. If you drive it like you’re the Stig, its going to need regular maintenance.

Why would your body be ay different?

Two clients were in this week to get help resolving pain issues, both were the result of not doing their RDM’s. Both got a slap on the wrist and given home work. Both are seeing improvements already.

RDM doesn’t have to be complicated or convoluted. Swinging your Pahlavandles and doing a few “Banana Pancakes” ad cogs will do the job for most people.

2) Strength is a big deal. This isn’t news. But I’ll never not be amazed at the tonic effect being strong has on a body. Just this morning a lady who trains with me for Injury Management said, “my running is so much easier now that I’m stronger. It’s amazing!” Her injuries prevented her from running. And when I assessed and investigated her symptoms, I, like the doctors and physios she’s seen before me, got stuck. She’s complicated. But, I built her a program that was based on the assessment and the needs of a runner. Part rehab, part appropriate strength training and symptoms began to drop away, posture improved, running became pain free.

Strength is a big deal.

3) Our next intake for the morning training is open. Get yourself booked in here:

We also have space in our evening sessions, you can drop in from 5pm every Tuesday and Thursday, come and go at will, and be guided through your training.

4) The flights are booked, the Pahlavandles are ordered. I’m off to Brigton, England in a couple of weeks co-presenting a workshop with Mr “Shouldercentric” Andrew Bellamy. Details are here:

Right, gotta run. Busy day ahead!


Dave Hedges

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