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Quick post before I collect Steve Cotter

Only a quick post today, I’ve not a lot of time on my hands to be writing, got some final preparations to get done before I head out to the Airport to collect Steve Cotter for tomorrows workshop.

If you’re coming, I hope you’re as excited as I am, it’ll be a great day. For those of you that aren’t sure how to find our place, there’s a map available, just click on the “About” tab in the menu above.

Now to today’s workout, it’s the one I did yesterday with one of my more advanced lads. However, I’ll give you a beginner alternative as well.

It’s a Power Circuit done on the “I go – You Go” format. In other words, I do a full round, as soon as I’m done, you do a round. You only rest as long as it takes for your mate to finish. Here’s what we did:

Clean & Press (Double kettles) x 5 Double Kettlebell Snatch x 5 Pistol Squat x 5l/r

If you’re not up to double snatch just yet, do 5 reps in each hand with a single bell. If you’re using a bar, feel free to snatch if you have the technique, otherwise stick to a simpler High Pull. For those that don’t have the Pistol squat, either assist your partner by holding their hand or perform a step up instead.

We then finished with some top of the minute training: Push ups / Burpees / Kettlebell Swings At the top of the minute bang out 4-6 reps of each exercise, rest for the remainder of the minute. 10 rounds of this and you’re done.

Total training time, including warm up: 35 minutes

Enjoy, and let me know how you get on.

Right back to work…

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