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Put a Sting in your tail with a strong, flexible waist

After the last two weekend’s of kettlebell madness, I’m taking time away from them and instead plan on spending some time on bodyweight training.

I’ve posted a series of bodyweight drills over the last few weeks, all of which should be included into your own training arsenal. After all, if you can’t move your own body with control, you have no right in touching a weight.

Today’s bodyweight drill is an advanced press up variation that will significantly challenge the core. We call this the Scorpion Push Up, as it resembles the stinging tail of a scorpion.

It involves lifting a leg up and over towards the opposite elbow, this shifts much of your weight onto one arm helping develop that one arm push up you’ve always wanted (video on that coming soon), stretching the hip flexors and challenging the core. Many would look at this and argue that the lumbar is being rotated and that this lift is harmful, well the fighters here at Wild Geese often find themselves in twisted positions, so in my mind it makes sense to strengthen these compromised positions. This is one drill that can help, just ensure you work at a moderate pace and do not force yourself into extreme ranges of motion.

The reward? A strong, flexible torso.

Here’s the video: [youtube]

As always, use common sense and approach new exercises and drills with caution. For more on bodyweight training, check out No Equipment no Excuses


Dave Hedges

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