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Power Generation for Martial Arts Strikes

On the eve of Core Combatives founder Mick Coup’s visit to Wild Geese HQ, another world renowned self defence instructor has found himself being banned from entry to the UK.

Tim Larkin of Target Focused Training was due to fly in from LA to present in the UK. Unfortunately it seems the current government over there feel he’s bad influence and will insight violence and vigilantism. Perhaps the ministers have been watching too many superhero movies. Perhaps they’re genuinely scared of the message Tim carries. Tim talks openly and bluntly about violence, about causing damage and even of causing death. In short, while he knows his stuff, he is now a victim of his own marketing. You can read more about it here

How long before the less “shocking” amongst us become targeted? I practice the Filipino Martial Arts predominantly, that means I’m well versed in the use of bladed and impact weapons. Does this mean I should be banned from visiting my old mum in England?

I’d better moderate my commentary. The following video is me talking about the core principle behind my own current martial arts practice. As a lifelong student of martial arts I’ve always tried find the common thread that links the various styles I’ve been exposed to. These days as a father, husband, business owner and coach, I’ve less time than ever to dedicate to martial arts practice. A few years ago I’d spend up to 20 hours per week immersed in the arts, these days I’m lucky to get 20 minutes per day. So I’ve tried to find the simplest link, the lowest common denominator that runs through all my training.

This clip reveals what that is:


In this next clip I show how the same principle is used with an impact weapon, in this case an eskrima stick, but applicable to anyone who operates in the fields of security and Law Enforcement.


Hope you find these useful and a bit of a break away from the usual fitness info I offer in this site. I have more martial arts/self defence knowledge to share, so please let me know if you’d like me to continue.



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