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Playing with my Balls

While Wimbledon is on the telly, I thought I’d tell how I like to play with my balls.

Tennis balls, that is.

One piece of kit I could never be without is my tennis ball. Why? Simply because I train a lot, I work hard and as a result pick up the odd ache, strain and injury from time to time.

That’s not entirely accurate. I’m a complete muppet who doesn’t know his limits. I will hold my hands up and say that I don’t always practice what I preach, but I always preach, because when I make the mistakes and screw myself up, you all get the benefit.

So here I am writing this with my shoulder in agony. It’s not as if I didn’t feel it coming but I just had to do a great kettlebell session (my missus filmed some of it, I’ll have that up soon…) The result, the following morning, agony just in by my right shoulder blade. A site I’ve had bother with before and the shoulder had been sending me warnings all week. Which I ignored. Sitting in the car driving to appointments with clients doesn’t help either. Neither does demonstrating without warming up.

But these are mistakes you can learn from.

But back to my “other woman” the tennis ball. She is simply the cheapest and most portable masseuse you can get. While she may not give you a happy ending, she is more than happy to be stuffed into your bag and go anywhere with you. Simply place it on the floor, lie across it and start moving.

Put the ball into those tight spots and knots in the muscles and either hold it here until they begin to relax or gently roll around them. It works great around the shoulder blades, it’s lovely in the glutes and upper hamstrings and does a great job on the pecs.

We all get banged up and tight, some soft tissue work will benefit every one of us, injured or not. Many top trainers will talk for hours about the quality of muscle tissue. I won’t, I will say though if you’re not into getting yourself a massage on a regular basis, get yourself a tennis ball.

You wont regret it.

I know some people who have given their (tennis) balls names. One even drew a face on it.

Each to their own.

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