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Personal Responsibility and Giving Something Back

“We shouldn’t rely on Politicians, we each should take some personal responsibility”

This was a quote on a billboard advertising the Sunday Times. I spotted it driving into the gym this morning and it set my mind racing.

Those last two words in the sentence have dropped so far out of fashion these last few years it’s no wonder the western world is in the trouble it is. Those two words are the answer you’ve been looking for to solve all your problems. Those two words are the words that if properly applied can and will ensure you get what you want from you life, be that physically, financially or spiritually.

Those two words are Personal Responsibility.

It means stop making excuses, it means stop blaming others, it means stop waiting for someone else to do things for you, it means stand up and be counted.

It means taking control of your life.

And once you do, you’ll very quickly see things around you start to change.

That excess flab will start to melt away. Your body and mind will become stronger, sharper and faster. You will attract people of a similar mindset, which will speed up your progress even further. 

And then, you will start giving something back, helping others take control of their own lives and discover the joys of personal responsibility. As soon as you start giving back, you will find that you make even greater progress in your own life.

A few years ago I took a leap of faith, I quit working and became a full time coach. At the time my wife was pregnant with our first child (number two is on the way!), we were in a tight spot which didn’t ease up for some time. At any moment I could have cracked and started blaming those around me, putting responsibility on others. Or I could have just dug in and got on with it.

I got on with it.

Now I’m well on the way to living the life I always wanted. As well as that, I’m stringer than ever, possibly the most injury free that I’ve been in years and loving every day. Business is busier than ever, I’ve Self Defence courses running at venues around town, I’ve to turn people away from my Kettlebell classes and the Martial Arts side of the business is burgeoning. It’s still a struggle but hell, that half the fun. everything I achieved, I’ve done on my own. I took responsibility, when I fell down I got up again and I never sat down and felt sorry for myself.

Now it’s time for me to give something back.

This Saturday, myself and few of my regular guys will be taking on a huge challenge. Our aim is to raise as much cash as possible for a local charity, Rehab Care. They’re actually international with branches across europe, but we’re supporting the branch that is a few doors down from our gym. The RehabCare HOPS centre looks after those suffering from mental health problems, the kind of illnesses that are all too common but almost completely misunderstood. Part of their service is to offer opportunities, courses and experiences to their clients. Last year they came to me for a self defence course and their response was incredible, a couple have since joined Wild Geese of their own back for regular training and are progressing nicely. This is just one course they’ve run, I know they run a huge variety of activities.

Put these courses need funded.

That’s why we are doing what we’re doing. If we can raise enough we can guarantee that these guys get out to as many different experiences as possible over the coming year. So the gang and I are going to walk a mile. A mile in Kettle’s shoes.

We will be performing walking Kettlebell Swings along a mile long course. This will be at least 1600 steps, and so at least 1600 kettlebell swings. It’s going to be tough, but not nearly as tough as living with mental illness.

If you click the picture below, you’ll be taken to a web page where you can give something back by donating to this cause.

Please click the image and support Rehab Care

Take control of your life by helping someone less able to take control of theirs.


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