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Optimise your in game recovery times

There are several very common coaching cues I like to use.

Which my regular lot like to mimic and make fun off…….

This is what happens when I let my Kettleheads out without supervision! Yes, they made masks and Dave quotes!!

One of which causes questions by those new to the Wg-Fit style of training.

And that cue is “Big Exhales!!”

and “Focus on the Out breath”

To fully explain this would be a very long blog post so I grabbed a few minutes between clients earlier and made a quick video on the subject:

Here’s the image mentioned in the clip:

Screen shot from my Pulsometer RR app

This is my heart rate during a metabolic workout with the 24kg kettlebells, I was resting between rounds until my HR dropped to 130BPM before starting the next round. You can see the speed and consistency of the recovery, with a blip early after round 1, and near the bottom of round 4.

One round one I didn’t do deliberate recovery from the off, I had to remind myself to do it. So yes, this is a conscious action that you need to practice, it is not automatic, in fact every part of your being will be trying to prevent you. It is a discipline, and you can do it.

Round 4 is the anomaly. As I was recovering well, someone appeared at the window and I was distracted for a few moments, you can see the heart rate quickly rise again before I resumed my deliberate recovery.

In short:

  1. Inhalation happens reflexively and somewhat proportionately to an exhale, especially a strong exhale

  2.  When in Oxygen debt, we are able to essentially hyper ventilate, this causes problems when in a balanced state, but helps restore balance in a fatigue state

  3. Exhalation from the diaphragm stimulates the vagus nerve which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system dialing down our sympathetic, so we can lower our heart rate faster and maintain mental clarity

  4. As your gasses balance out and the heart rate lowers, you will naturally reduce the speed and severity of the exhales.

Get the hang of this and your ability to produce power repeatedly (power endurance) will shoot up and your recovery times will shrink. Attributes that are essential for combat sports, kettlebell sports and has even changed the game for my Mountain bike Enduro racers.

If you would like to know more, to learn how to optimise your recovery times, get in touch or book in.


Dave Hedges 

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