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Open Kettlebell Competition, Registration Details

Guys, time is running out to register for the Open Kettlebell Lifting competition run by Mick Kelly and his Wexford Kettlebell Lifting Club.

This is a great event for those just starting out in the sport or those that want to simply try their hand at it. The sets are limited to 5 minutes as opposed to the usual 10 minutes and the top weight allowed is 24kg’s. You have the freedom to enter the Jerk, Snatch, Long Cycle (Clean & Jerk) or all three if you wish.

Click Image for Registration Details

This the first time an event of this type has been run in Ireland and I think it’s a great idea. True Kettlebell Sport is a gruelling and intimidating event, but one that is incredibly rewarding. Mick is offering the chance to have a go, feel the atmosphere and camaraderie without the pressure of a genuine competition.

For more info and for booking details click on the image and you’ll be whisked through to Mick’s site.



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