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Online Personal Training

Right, we’re all skint and in a panic over the economy.

Does this mean we should let out health slide? Absolutely no!!

As personal training is expensive (€50 or more per hour), we’ve launched an online alternative. Imaginatively titled “Online Personal Training”. Yeah, we thought long and hard about that one……

Here’s why it works: 1 – You are a motivated individual, or you wouldn’t be training in the first place. 2 – You need a proper programme, based on you to get the results you want. The spotty kid in your local gym just isn’t cutting it, so you turn to people who’ve been training since before he went to school…. 3 – You fill out a questionnaire to give us your goals, lifestyle, injury, mobility, availability of equipment etc. Basically everything we need to now to provide you the means to train whether you do it at home, on the road or in the gym. 4 – Every week you email us you filled in training log, along with comments and questions. We reply personally. 5 – You get our phone number. 6 – Every few weeks your training is updated to ensure you get progress.

All you have to do, is do it.

Whats the kicker?

You get a months Online PT for the same as you get an hour of 1 to 1, ie €50.

For students at the Wild Geese HQ, Dublin, you get an even better deal, instead of online, you come into the club and talk to us face to face as well as via email and phone. Plus you can come in anytime we are open and do your own solo training, a mere €5 per visit (thats less than the YMCA….)

So have a think, are you serious about getting in better shape but don’t want to waste money with a gym or second rate trainer?

Let us know.


Wild Geese every cause but our own

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