One Lift to Integrate The Body into a Singular Powerhouse

Legs are your foundation.

Legs are the source of your power.

Whether you run, jump, throw or strike, the legs drive the action.

So if you really want to dominate in your sport


Don’t just do a few leg extensions and curls, and certainly don’t make the assumption that because you run/cycle, thats’s enough.

You must train the lower body hard, heavy, frequently and in an integrated fashion.

This is the main reason that the kettlebell features so prominently in the WG-Fit training method, each and every kettlebell lift requires the lower body to lend a hand. Kettlebell lifts are explosive in nature with most of the force being generated from the legs.

Most kettlebell lifts start from the swing, which we know is a great exercise for the hamstrings, glutes and back. But with the Jerk, Push press, thrusters and of course squats we work the quads.

We like these as the power must transfer from the legs into the arm in order to move the bell, this requires the rest of the body to act as a conductor for this power, which is no bad thing.

In other words, if you were to do only one lift in your life, I’d possibly recommend the Kettlebell Clean & Jerk, aka the “Long Cycle”

You can see from the slow motion footage how the entire body is involved in the action.

Add this in before or after your squats and single leg work to round out and provide true integration to your training program.

A few low rep heavy sets prior to your main lifts will prime the nervous system and get you ready to go, lighter higher rep sets make a great finisher, especially if you’re lifting two bells.

And just in case you’re wondering what I mean by heavy check this clip out, this is Donica Storino performing 5 minutes of 1 arm long cycle with a 32kg kettle, thats half her bodyweight in one hand!

Have a look:

That’s strength and power.


Dave Hedges

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