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On Raising the Average

We had a serious buzz going on in Wild Geese yesterday and today.

This morning in Wild Geese. The place is packed for the Bootcamp plus a few others working specialised programs. Can’t squeeze anyone else in in the mornings, but if you’re in the #IFSC, #Dublin2, #grandcanaldock and #pearsestreet areas there’s lunchtime sessions that available. #wgfamily #irishfitfam #dublinfitfam #kettlebell #kettlebellsports #kyokushinkai #fitness#strengthtraining #mobility #ikff

A video posted by Dave Hedges (@dave_hedges) on Apr 20, 2016 at 12:29am PDT

Part of it was the successes over the weekend.

Our Kettleheads GS Team were down at a kettlebell sports event, they brought home 2 medals, but more importantly, everyone showed massive improvements. We’re very slowly putting together a website just for the Kettleheads, I’ll announce that soon once it’s gone properly live.

We also had a win from one of the Thai boxers I work with. This was especially satisfying as two weeks before it he couldn’t throw a kick without groin pain and also foot pain. We managed to Anatomy in Motion that out of him so he could fight.

As much as I’m proud of my competitors, the best part is the buzz they bring to the gym. When they do well, it raises everyone elses game in the place.

Most clients in mine, or any gym, are simply training for life, building an insurance policy against the inevitable decline. One of my lads has the best training goal going, he said:

“I had to get back training, I got down on the floor to play with my kids and was knackered after only a few minutes, that cannot happen again!”

How awesome is that?

And he’s doing it, progress is steady, consistent and solid.

It’s these successes that raise the average.

If you’re not athletic, not driven, not feeling motivated, then stepping on the training floor amongst people that are all that will raise your game.

They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, what if they were ALL better than you in some way, wouldn’t that raise your game? Wouldn’t that pull you up to at least the group average and in doing so wouldn’t that raise the average of the group?

That’s what we try to achieve in Wild Geese.

That’s why on social media we started to use the hashtag


Because like a family, we work together, pull together and help each other get closer to our goals.

But unfortunately, times and space is limited in my gym. As is my ability to get around every person on the training floor.

Which is why I ask you all to book in via the web app Front Desk HQ.

Our morning Bootcamp is over subscribed and has had to have a waiting list implemented, our Tuesday evening class is often the same. If you wish to join our group sessions or book in for an assessment or private session, please use this link:


Dave Hedges

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