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On Managing Fatigue

Fatigue management is a topic that interests me.

My first forays into fitness training was specifically to get get me more powerful and enduring for my Karate performance.

There I am, 26 years ago!

And to this day I still work with many martial artists and combat sports guys who simply can’t afford to get tired.

Nor can my Kettlebell Sports guys.

Or my mountain bikers. (two of which did well in the Cycling Ireland National Enduro Championships over the weekend, Jamie and Trish both finished 4th in their respective classes, Jamie was also 18th overall)

What about you?

Is getting gassed an option?

Here’s my take. I’m a coach these days, I haven’t competed in anything in years, but every day I go home and see the 4 pairs of eyes looking up at me (wife, dog, kids), I know that I can never stop being capable of great physicality. Partly so I can always ride bikes, swim and climb trees with them, and also, you just never know……

And the key to never gassing out is a highly functioning cardio vascular system, your aerobic capacity.

Aerobic exercise, which has been out of fashion for the last few years is the key to all this. So near daily low level activity, low enough you can maintain nasal breathing (right up to but not beyond the point where you must open your mouth) Any exercise, be it running or push ups counts at this level.

Breathing is critical, all who train with me must be sick of me yelling about it every few minutes in the gym.

Breath provides the O2 in and CO2 out (and a bit more, but that’s enough for our purposes)

O2 is the foundation of our aerobic system, which basically means we can go slow all day long. As long as we can get enough 02 to the cells in the working muscles, we can fuel the muscles.

Aside from Aerobic training we must also perform less frequent bouts of higher intensity training that tax the ability to tolerate lactate build up and CO2 build up, these are overspeed or high pace efforts with gradually reducing rest periods or increasing training densities.

These higher intensity activities allow to practice the deliberate recovery strategies we talked about in this post:

And also max efforts, for anaerobic effeciency, so heavy lifts or sprints.

All these components need to be balanced in training, emphasised according to the individuals strengths and goals.

Our regular group sessions ( check them out here ) are laid out with a view to this well rounded effeciency. Our specific Athlete programs even more so.

Get in touch to see how we can help you become indefatigable

If that’s the right word???

Chat soon

Dave Hedges

Don’t forget to drop a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts:

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