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On Age and Injuries

Everyone who plays hard gets hurt from time to time.

It’s a frustrating truth.

Injuries we pick up in our teens and twenties and seemingly shrug off come back and bite us with interest in our 30’s and 40’s.

But we don’t stop.

Hell no, we don’t stop.

That’s not who we are!

Yesterday morning I was chatting with the Wild Geese Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach.

He’s had a rough run of injury the last year, but is determined to stay in the game and get back to competing.

We had a long chat about how our bodies don’t regenerate as fast as they used to (he’s a full 8 years younger than me, so I’ve no idea what he’s complaining about!)

And that the supplemental training we do in the weight room is critical to our being able to continue performing at our peak.

BJJ players in particular need to take care of their hands, shoulders, knees and back.

In fact, that list is pretty much a standard across most sports.

Knees, Shoulders and Back in particular.

Old injury sites need extra work.

The sports particular dominant movement patterns need compensated for.

It’s a lesson we all learn too late.

Most of my peers, my generation of hard charging 30 some things are carrying a stack of injury, but we’re getting on with it.

We pretty much all agree that non of us would be so beaten up if we had access to the level of information and coaching that is available now.

Instead of doing rehab work now, we would have been doing prehab work back then.

Instead of spending time bench pressing and bicep curling, we’d have been deadlifting and kettlebell swinging.

But hindsight is 20:20

There’s never been so many websites written by so many coaches with so many youtube clips and articles and eBooks and interactive facebook pages.

There really are no excuses for the upcoming generations to be as broken up as we are.

If anything they should be learning from our experience, experience built on work ethic, plenty of mistakes, lots of injuries, lots of rehab and then just getting the work done.

Although that said, injured athletes looking to get back in the game are my speciality.

So ask me.

I’ve made the mistakes and done the homework.


Dave Hedges

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