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Office Closed? Gym Closed? No Problem!

Today we have a weather warning

Hurricane Ophelia, Irelands largest storm in 50 years is just hitting the south of the country and will move north over the day.

Schools are closed and many businesses have opted not to open today.

Which means many of you will be at home twiddling your thumbs wondering how you’re going to get your customary training session in.

And the answer is, yes, of course you can.

Many of my members have their own Kettlebells at home, so they’re fine. But what if you don’t?

No panic, you still have many options.

In recent years there’s been a huge resurgence of bodyweight training thanks to the rise of “movement” A quick youtube search will throw up countless exercises for you to play with. I have a stack of tutorials on my own youtube and vimeo channels.

For strength you can’t go wrong with the simple basics:

  1. Single Leg Squat, be that a split squat, lunge, Skater Squat or Pistol

  2. Push Up, from your knees, plank style, one arm, divebomber, feet elevated….

Pick a variation that keeps you in single figures, and knock out several sets, all below failure. For example, you can manage 8 high quality Divebomber Push Ups. You will perform 4-6 sets of around 5 reps.


Then what? Lets get the heart rate up a bit.

Set a timer, 45 sec work, 15 sec breaks x 20 rounds. We’re going to do a 20 minute circuit.

1: Crawl 2: Reverse Lunge 3: Mountain Climbers 4: Hindu Squats you’ll hit each of these 5 times in the 20 minutes If you have no space to crawl, simply lift opposing limbs off the floor, like that funny looking Lizard in the desert….

So there you go.

A hurricane survival workout for you.

Now, stay safe and enjoy your day off.


Dave Hedges

Of, and I suppose this is an opportune moment to plug my bodyweight training manual which is older than my Divebomber video above!! But, as bodies haven’t changed, the exercises haven’t either Have a look:

No Equipment, No Excuses - Bodyweight Training for the Home, Office or on the Road
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