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Non Sexy Practice For Super Sexy Results

So I opened up the laptop to write a blog post about shoulder issues in BJJ.

That didn’t happen.

I started writing and got distracted when I got a message notification from a power lifter I’m working with down in Tipperary (which for my international readers, really isn’t that far away!)

He’s asking me questions about the kettlebell snatch.

And I’m asking him questions about his return from injury.

You see he got in touch around a month ago when he was in ribbons.

He couldn’t squat without pain.

Which for a power lifter, is no use at all.

A few videos and several emails later we dialled in his plan and a month later he’s sending me video’s of the deepest squats I’ve ever seen him do.

Smooth, pain free, deep and heavy.

How did this happen?

Well, like in yesterdays email about Super-Sicknote and his epic deadlift performance, he did the small stuff.

He did it daily.

He didn’t stop as soon as he felt better.

He persisted.

Not only that he has added a lot of kettlebell work to his powerlifting program.

Powerlifters rely on their posterior chain, ie hamstrings, glutes and upper back.

And what do kettlebell swings and snatches target best?

Hamstrings, glutes and upper back.

Not only that but they do it with an emphasis on the eccentric loading of the body, whereby the powerlifts focus on the concentric.

In other words, they work the other side of the coin. They provide balance.

If you lift heavy but don’t swing kettlebells, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

But be like Paul.

Ask questions, take the responses and apply them.

The stuff I prescribe you may not be sexy to perform, but the results are. And to Squat 3x4x130kg at a body weight of 68 kg, with, (his words) “No adductor/groin pain. Hamstrings/glutes are happy to. This is a 100% change from a month ago. . I can move,BETTER. No pain”

You have to admit, that’s a sexy result.

And it’s just the start for him, he’ll continue to improve because of all the non sexy stuff he’s lapping up.

And of course the swings and snatches….

I’ll get back to the blog post tomorrow.

Oh, nearly forgot, your Iron Supplements:

1A: Thruster x 4-6 1B: Pull Up x 4-6 3-5 rounds

2A: Split Squat x 8-12L/R 2B: Push Up x 8-12 2C: Hanging Leg Raise x 8-12 4-6 rounds

Yes, I know there’s no swings or snatches in that workout, but you can;t do them EVERY day!

……or can you……..??


Dave Hedges

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