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No Sh1t Sherlock!

I just saw a news headline on the TV ticker tape thing, now before I go off on a rant, I only read the headline, I haven’t heard the entire story.

I don’t think I need to.

The headline went: “Probation officers are at risk of violence”

Surely thats like saying “Ducks are at risk of getting wet”

Let me think, who else is at risk of violence……

Doormen Police/Gardai A&E Nurses and other hospital staff Bus drivers Firemen Prison officers Taxi Drivers Publicans and their staff Bank employees Social workers Retail and other security guards The Homeless Anybody using an ATM Kids with glasses Kids with ginger hair Kids with braces, in fact any kid that is a little different The elderly or infirm (yes there are cruel bstrds out there) Any Joe Soap in the wrong place at the wrong time

The list really does go on.

What gets my goat is that nobody wants to do anything about it. When I asked a student of mine who is a respected member of the Irish Police Force (Gardai) about the training he received in Garda college, he laughed at me. it turns out their self defence and control & restraint training is considered a standing joke.

When I enquired further he alluded to the truth. Now to be clear, this is how I interpreted what he said, these are not his words, they are mine: The powers that be would rather pay one of their own sick leave than pay a scumbags legal claim, therfore self defence/martial arts training is discouraged.

Is that incredible or what?!?!

Now what about the poor probation officers? They like the rest of us need to take our sefety into our own hands. Nobody is going to look after us, it is up to ourselves to decide wether to be victims or not. By going out and getting trained, you are choosing not.

Whatever flavour of training catches you imagination, be it lifting heavy kettlebells, swinging Eskrima sticks, rolling with BJJ, Kickboxing or the brutality of Kenpo, it is of little difference. The end result is that you will have strength, speed, skill and knowledge with which to tackle a violent aggressor.

We are all at risk of violence, it is just that some professions bring us closer to it than others, but every friday and saturday night the streets get a little rougher.

Don’t bury your head in the sand, learn to take care of yourself and ensure you are able to get home safely to your family, whatever you do for a living.


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