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No Motivation To Train? Try This.

Before I tell you this well kept secret I will tell you a bit of my recent experience with it.

In February I went to Rome to compete at the European BJJ championships and unfortunately, I lost my 1st match.

I had to train a lot, Judo at 6am, strength and conditioning later in the day and BJJ in the evenings. The same time I was teaching Kettlebell and BJJ classes.

The longer the preparation lasted the less I wanted to train, especially that I trained on my own and the sessions with time started to get tougher.

One day I wanted to fill in the app and send to Dave as session done without actually doing the session 😂. I didn't do it. The session was written down so it has to be done.

What helped me to finish the preparations was having a clear plan of what to do, even if some days weren't that great, the session was still done.

Even if sometimes life gets in our way to get it done there is still a plan we can go back to and start again.

Motivation to do something can bring you only that far, after that is just consistency and a plan to get it done.

As you can see there is no secret only a good plan, following it and consistency. This will bring you much further then motivation, which wears out as soon as you get tired.

All the best


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