Natural Rhythm

Breathing should be rhythmical at rest.

But what rhythm?

As low as 6 breaths per minute.

Medical guidelines suggest 12-18 breaths per minute.

But a few years ago they said 8-12

They've shifted in line with the average or the normal.

You aren't normal.

Fast breathing is linked to CNS arousal, aka stress

Slow the breathing and you'll slow the heart rate, reduce the blood pressure, lower your HRV score.

You're clarity of thought will increase

You'll feel relaxed and ready.

How fast are you breathing right now?

Can you get it to a 3 second inhale and a 7 second exhale while at rest?

Using only the nose.

Try it for a few minutes each day.

If you can't get 3:7, don't stress, do as slow as you can manage.

And watch the mind and body change


Dave Hedges

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