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My Wife’s PR on the Deadlift and what we can all Learn from it.

Just a short post today.

I’ve been sitting up working on a secret project for the My Mad Methods guys and have left it a little late to be sat writing inspirational and informative posts for my own site.

However, I have heavyweight of inspiration in the form of a short video of my missus.

On Monday when she came in to do her regular workout, she saw me finishing of my power cleans set (I’ll be writing about cleans next week) We had planned for her to Deadlift, so that’s what we did. It was pretty clear, that it wasn’t going to be a great lifting day, we all have them from time to time and this day was going to be Bil’s turn. But she was intrigued by the Power Clean so I promised to teach her the next day.

That day came and in Bil came ready to rock. We went over technique, which she picked up very quickly, so we added some weight, then some more, eventually topping out at 35kg’s for three sets of three.

Bil clean 1
Bil Clean 2

Bil clean 3
Bil Clean 4

Pretty good for a first attempt, hitting half body weight for good reps.

We then kept the weight on the bar going up as we dropped to the high pull for a couple of sets, and finally the Deadlift. The day before she’d struggled with 60kg. Today, she was both pissed of from the day before and fired up from the new and explosive lift she’d just been practising.

The bar just kept going up.

Before long we dropped to singles just to see what would happen and she kept asking for more weight.

We topped out at 90kg for two tidy singles. More than she’s ever done before. Thats close to 1.5 time bodyweight for her.


Bear in mind, that ever since her first pregnancy, she’s had a niggle in her back, so the deadlift has always been a worry for her. I knew her capabilities, but she always had the doubt in her mind.

When I got home in the evening, she was stretched out on the sofa, the kids in bed, watching a bit of TV. Tired but very happy and with zero back pain. There was a sense of accomplishment about her. She’d not just gone in and done a workout, but had gone in and dominated a lift that had been worrying her.

It made me proud.

The take home message is simple. We all have our problems, my wife has had back ache for the last 5 years since her first pregnancy. The second pregnancy didn’t help. But she got on with it, she only started training properly this year so we had a lot to do. She came in and got on with it. It wasn’t always easy, but she did it. Non of her friends can believe the change in her physique, but what really motivates her?

It’s that sense of accomplishment, it’s the challenge of beasting the bar and getting strong. It took a while but she understands now that this is the key, looking good is a by product of training and eating well.

And she looks good.


Dave Hedges

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