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Music to Grow By

For a short time I had a job in a sales firm. Now while I hated the job, partly due to my ineptness at selling, but also because of the constant brainwashing that went with it.

One of these motivational brainwashing items was a CD that was issued to us. It was called “Music to Grow by” and was basically a complitation CD of a load of seriously crap and cheesy upbeat music. It’s supposed purpose was to get us fired up for making sales.

It didn’t work.

However the concept is sound. We all have our favourite tunes, some for chilling out with, other for getting drunk to. But which ones to use to get yourself pumped up for a good training session?

For example, in 2003 Paulie and I were in Cuba. We were there to grade the two Cuban lads to black belt in Kenpo (they were also the first to receive tuition in the Kenpo Cubano style that Paul now teaches every Thursday), but also to take part in a large festival of martial arts. For our demo we decided to free flow to some banging tunes. Paul chose 2 very upbeat tunes, Puff Daddy/Jimmy Page – Fight You and Sean Paul’s Get Busy (Fat Man Scoop remix), we went out and beat the crap out of each other and the crowd loved it. To this day if I hear either of the tunes I still get pumped.

We’re all different, so I’m going to list a few of my favourites, but if you use the comments function at the bottom of the post you can then put your own lists up.

Here’s the ‘Edges selection of top tunes to grow by:

Rage Against the Machine – Just about anything!! Machine Head – Burn My eyes Metallica – Live Shit, Bing & Purge, Garage Days and other low production stuff Beastie Boys – Ill Communication Static X – Wisconsin Death Trip Soulfly – Soulfly Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory White Zombie – Astro Creep 2000 Public Enemy – New Whirl Order The Matrix – Soundtrack

Put any of them on the boom box and I guarantee you’ll lift heavier and hit harder.Hit the post comment button and list your own. Or better yet, if you train at Wild Geese HQ, Dublin, bring in some CD’s when you train. It’s your club, bring your music.

All the best

Dave Wild Geese every cause but our own

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