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Movement breaks, take them!

Movement breaks

Take them

People who train hard or perform at any level carry aches and pains. It may be just stiffness from the last training session It may be an old injury we’re working on

The precise cause doesn’t matter. They’re there.

What matters is that we know and accept that light, gentle and frequent movement is the key to keeping these aches and pains at bay.

So no matter what you actually do for a living outside of your sport or the gym, whatever uniform your mild mannered alter-ego wears while mingling with the “normals”, look for opportunity to move.

  1. A few spine twists

  2. A few deep breaths (breath out more than you breathe in)

  3. A few external rotations

  4. A few AiM Cogs

  5. A few Banana Pancakes

It doesn’t much matter what you do, unless you have been given specific homework to do.

And many times, simply thinking / visualising the movement is as good actually doing the move (you’re hardly going to break out a few Spinning Back Kicks in the office…….. ……or are you?) But there’s enough research to support the act of visualisation as a training aid.

Irish Karate Kyokushinkai head fight coach and Wg-Fit client Shane Mulhall visualising having a go at the ref…..

In fact, I may as well share this gem from Jack Parker, my old Karate instructor and mentor:

“Practice your Karate every opportunity, run it through your head while brushing your teeth or sitting on the toilet!”

Movement breaks, real or visualised.

Take them

You’ll feel better and you’ll likely start performing better


Dave Hedges

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