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MOTIVATION – 41 Articles from 41 great Coaches, Martial Artists and Athletes

Motivation. What is it? How to get it? What does it mean to have it? I asked the best Coaches, Martial Artists and Athletes for their opinions on motivation, what means to them and to their clients. This eBook contains their replies, unedited. Some tell personal stories of how they motivate themselves, others give you stories hoe they motivate their clients. There are even articles explaining what motivation actually is from a Phd in Social Psycology and an expert NLP coach.

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Some of the articles go into great depth, whereas others make their point in only a few lines, but each one is excellent in it’s own right.

So who has contributed?

Adam O’Hara, Adrian Crowe, Al Kavadlo, Anna Aparicio, Bret Contreras, Chris Haggan, Damien Alexander, Dave Hedges, Dean Coulson, Donal Tannam, Eddie Sheehan, Ian Graham, Jackie Burgmann, Jacqueline Hooten, James Brunton Phd, Jamie Clubb, Jonathan Duff, Ken Blackburn, Kenneth Jay, Kieran Dolan, Kira Robert Clarke, M.c. Phoo, Mark de Grasse, Mark Stapleton, Michael Lloyd-Billington, Mick Coup, Mick kelly, Mike Mahler, Nick Tumminello, Pat O’Malley, Paul Cox, Paul J O’Brien, Scott Bird, Scott Sonnon, Shane McGovern, Simon Murphy, Thierry Sanchez, Tim Anderson, Tony Gentilcore, Wolfgang Brolley.

Thats 62 pages and over 24000 words, each sharing individual perspectives on Motivation. Some of the articles may resonate with you, some will challenge you, others will give you that “A-Ha! moment.

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