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Morning Glory

A morning routine is an opportunity

How do you use it?

Is your morning routine where you stomp downstairs, put on a coffee, and flop onto the sofa?

Do you grab your phone and start scrolling?

Or do you use the time to move and stretch the body?

After all, you've just spent (hopefully) 8 hours in bed sleeping, another ten minutes isn't going to make you feel any more rested.

But, if we do a warm up to start our training, can we take that concept and apply it to the day?


Stick on a song or two, maybe set a timer. Anything from 5-15 minutes

And move.

Do a few minutes breath work Do a few minutes rehab work Do some mobility work Keep it light and easy Feel the body wake up

This little video is my third attempt at a so called "Tiger Flow" sent to me by one of my big influences and friends, Mr Steve Cotter Steve is training in BKK under the Ribiero brothers, and they set him a 30 day challenge which he passed onto me. It's a 1 minute flow, a series of movements done in any order. I may have missed a movement or two here, and when I checked the video I'd done 2 minutes, so this clip is sped up for Insta.

I'm not really that fast!

I do this currently after some Anatomy in Motion work, and follow it with some push ups.

This is Steve Cotter doing a better flow than I:

Really what you do in your morning routine is personal choice.

I'm enjoying this, especially as it's making me think.

But your choice of morning routine can either make your day or break day. What's it to be?


Dave Hedges

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