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Monitor don't Police

We are our worst critiques

It's a blessing and a curse

On one hand, self accountability is essential for success.

But being to hard, going too far is counter productive

What we need to do is monitor ourselves.

Watch for trends rather than acute incidents.

So a really good day is taken for what it is, a day.

A really bad day is taken for what it is, a day.

We accept that out of 10 training sessions, 6 will be decidedly average, 2 will be great and 2 will be sub par

But if we monitor the trend, we'll see that this still comes out as an upward trend.

But if we are over reactive, over critical of each workout, it's possible that we start to Police ourselves.

Berating ourselves for any performance that isn't up to scratch.

This attitude can become de motivating, it can remove the meaning of the training.

Yes, pushing oneself is important

But consistency is importanter.


Don't Police


Dave Hedges

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