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Monday Morning Mobility – Hip Opening Sequence

For the next few weeks I’ll be giving out a mobility drill each Monday.

We’re starting today with the hips.

Mobility work is a cornerstone of what we do here at WG, personally I prioritise this over stretching. That doesn’t mean I’m an anti-stretching guy, I just prefer you spend more time on the type of exercises I’ll be putting up over the next few Mondays.

Regardless of the drill, these are to be started nice and easy, as the body warms up, the blood starts pumping, the synovial fluids start to lubricate, only then do we look to increase the range and speed of motion. Do these as part of a warm up or even as a daily kickstart to your day. If you like to stretch, then save that for post training and better yet, the evenings in front of the TV.

Right, enough chatter, here’s the hip opening sequence in three video clips each progressing on the last:

Clip one – Opener No. 1 (or for the sharp of eye, “Squatting Single Whip” from Tai-Chi!”

Clip 2 – Opener No. 2, adds in more hamstring work.

Clip 3 – Opener No. 3, the whole hip.

Next week I’ll be giving out another great mobility drill, please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out!

Dave Hedges

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