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Monday Mobility: Thoracic Extension

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

It’s been a long time since we had a Monday mobility post. So we have a nice one for you today.

Thoracic extension is a bug bear for many. Without good T-spine movement we can say good bye to a good overhead position, we may experience tightness in the musculature on the front and upper sections of the shoulder, we may even have pain in the back.

We may not.

But with the modern lifestyle of sitting, as I am right now tapping this out on the computer, we are on the whole, in need to of good spinal mobility in our lives. If you play any sport that uses a flexed posture (boxing, BJJ/Judo cycling, rugby…… get the idea) or an overhead sport like Kettlebell Sport, you’ll really like this.

So I invite you to try this.

You need something to lie over, I’m using a large slam ball, I could have used a punch bag or a bench or a foam roller. The bendier you are, the higher the support you’re likely to need.

Have a watch:

The instructions:

  1. Set up with the upper back only on the support / fulcrum

  2. Take a pair of light weight plates, as you get better, use LESS weight

  3. Start with the hips high and the hands close to the floor

  4. Let the weights hold you hands in place as you lower the hips down

  5. Keep moving up and down, nice and slow, asking permission from the body to go gradually further.

  6. Doas many reps as you need to feel a change (This clip shows me stiff as a board, my first set lasted 2 mins, I did two subsequent sets of 20 pulses until I felt no further change)

  7. Relax as much as possible and DO NOT hold the breath

And that’s it.

Go easy at first, best that you’re warmed up before going for it. You never know, with enough practice you might end up being able to do this:

Have fun.

Regards Dave Hedges

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