Monday Mobility – Quadruped T-Spine

Hello Wild Geese!

It’s Monday, my first day back working after a glorious week away with the family in Donegal. We had unbelievably good weather, perfect for paddling in the sea, which is what we spent almost all our time doing, the kids loved it, the dog loved it and the Missus and I loved it.

However, it’s time to return to reality.

And unlike most people I talk to, my reality is a job I can honestly say that I love doing.

So here I am willingly returning to the grindstone with today’s Monday Mobility.

This is the Quadruped T-Spine.

The “T-Spine” or Thoracic vertebrae are the twelve top vertebra that the ribs attach to. This is an area of the body that is too often tight and immobile, this is especially true if you work at a desk, train in an unbalanced fashion, ie more pressing than pulling or train as a cyclist or endurance athlete.

A nice image robbed from the University of Virginia site, clicking the image will take you to their site with some good info on spinal anatomy

So here is a nice drill for getting some movement back into this region of the spine.

Oh, and by the way, learning to move through the T-Spine can reduce the injury risk for both the low back and the shoulder.

Here’s a video:

The Quadrupedal position immobilises the lower body so the lower portion of the spine is anchored allowing for maximum rotation at the top. Just be sure to move smoothly and with control through your safe range of motion, don’t force anything, allow the body to gradually allow more movement to come with repetition.

Take the elbow as far under the body as possible and then point it right up to the ceiling. Repeat for as many as needed, I usually find about 10 each side suffices. Start slow and gradually increase both speed and amplitude of the motion.

This is a simple but very effective drill. Enjoy it.


Dave Hedges

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