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Monday Mobility: Open the Hips with the Frog Stretch

A long time ago I had a weekly feature called Monday Mobility.

Which in case you couldn’t guess, was a post about mobility that came out on a Monday.

It was popular.

So I’m bringing it back.

As you should be aware if you follow my work, I believe fitness is made up of three core properties

Strength Mobility Endurance

And no single part is any more important than the other unless you specialise in a particular sport. But even for the specialists, all three have to exist.

A very common tightness we come across is the hips, particularly the groin area.

Now the reasons for the tightness can be many and often times it’s symptomatic of an issue somewhere else in the body. But with out getting yourself assessed, it’s impossible to say here in a blog post.

But if we’re in good nick and simply want to open the hips, then this is puppy for you.

Enter the Frog Stretch!

Here’s a video on the move:

It’s a very simple move that takes little time or effort to get a basic opening effect. Go a harder at it for higher reps and you can gain a near permanent increase in range of motion.

As its a moving stretch, it can be performed from cold as part of your warm up.

If you have mobility questions, I’d love to hear them for future Monday Mobility posts.


Dave Hedges

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