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Monday Mobility: Middle & Upper Back Stretch

It’s back!

And yes I know it’s Tuesday!

Monday mobility used to be a regular feature on the blog, it’s time I brought it back.

Ok, maybe not every Monday, but definitely some Mondays.

When I remember….

Why is today Tuesday? Well, long story short, I’m not really that tech savvy and am having problems scheduling posts to go out at a particular time since rejigging the site.

'I cant keep up with all this new technology.'

‘I cant keep up with all this new technology.’

With luck, I’ll have all that back in control very soon.

But anyhow, to today’s meat and veg of the post:

This is a stretch I give to a lot of people on a very regular basis.

It’s an active stretch, ie a mobilisation, for the shoulder girdle with an emphasis on the upper and middle back. Particularly the Lats and Lower Traps.

As most people tend towards upper trap dominance, this is a great way to tease the lower traps back into action through the stretch loading and release action.


This is NOT a static stretch, and really I prefer to explain it to my clients as a way of massaging the muscle as the word “stretch” usually carries certain connotations that would be unhelpful here.

Here’s a video:

The lad in clip is one of our BJJ players, an experienced gym goer and is as strong as an ox, but even still he struggles with keeping the back and shoulders in the right state of strength and mobility to excel at his sport.

Since implementing this drill before and after training (sometimes during) he’s had a significant decrease in pain and tightness. Leading to enhanced performance.

And that can’t be a bad thing!


Dave Hedges

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