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Monday Mobility: How To Kick a Storm Trooper in the Head

So yesterday was a Bank Holiday Monday, so the gym was closed except for a few dedicated members who have their own keys to get in.

I spent the day with my family.

Which, as you can imagine, as a full time gym owner and coach, is time that is precious.

On Sunday son no 1 made his 1st communion, which here is Ireland is pretty much mandatory if one wants to stand a chance of getting into the better schools.

Part of the tradition is that the kids are given gifts of cash.

So yesterday we took the wee man shopping.

To a giant toy shop.

You can imagine how much I hated that!!

I spotted this:

A Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker.........Oh YES!

A Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker………Oh YES!

And HAD to buy it!

I mean, who wouldn’t want a Millennium Falcon Bluetooth speaker??

But while in the shop I spotted an extremely dodgy looking character, a potential terrorist, and had to take action.

My wife caught a photo of the moment I took out the would be attacker:

Taking out the Storm Trooper with a Side Kick to the head

Taking out the Storm Trooper with a Side Kick to the head

Which brings me around to today’s “Monday Mobility on a Tuesday”

This is a stretch that opens up the hips so that on any given day of any given week you can side kick a Stormtrooper in the head and save the day.

There’s several ways to perform the horse stance, I’ve tried most of them, and this pulsing method is by far and away the most effective way to open the hips and if done with both volume and frequency, it’s possible to make near permanent change.

Which if you choose to walk the path of the Jedi, as I have, you’ll need……

Here’s the video:

Consistent practice, 2-5 times per week will help you gain significant range of motion. Use sets of ten pulses with a 30-60second isometric on the last rep, or simply pulse into high double figures. Either way, 2-4 sets should see you right.And more than capable of kicking pesky Storm Troopers into next week!

This drill should be tough, but doable. If you feel anything that doesn’t feel right it may bot be for you, or may not be for you just yet.

Try it, let me know how you get on.


Dave Hedges

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