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Monday Mobility – Bulletproof Wrists

When teaching self defence or working with our Thai Boxers and Kyokushinkai fighters I talk about the wrist.


Think about the punishment our hands and wrists take on a daily basis, never mind the trauma that goes through it when a punch impacts.

Is it any wonder boxers need to wrap their wrists to the point of immobility?

rousey wraps

But with MMA gloves there’s little wrapping. In karate and in self defence, there’s no support what so ever.

So why not build you own?

Why not train the hand and wrist to keep itself safe, strong and mobile?

And what if you’re not a fighter?

Well, those small joints on the ends of our arms still take a hell of a lot of abuse as we sit tapping away at our keyboards for hours at a time.

So over the next few Mondays I’ll be showing several training drills you can and should feature into your training.

Starting with one of my favourites.

The wrist rolling push up.

Here’s a video:

Take these slow, they’re small joints that will take tie to condition.

But by adding these into your warm ups each day you’ll very quickly develop strength, mobility and endurance in these joints that will stand to you.


Dave Hedges

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