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Modern man or Dinosaur

“I’m not a modern man!”, I joked with friend and sometime client.

“Ha!” he replied, “You’ve never made a truer statement!”

And while we were having a laugh and a joke about a few things, it’s true.

Very often I look around at the world I live in and wonder if i was born too late.

The way I crave simplicity.

Rough and tumble

Light hearted jibing, teasing and humour.

Fun competitiveness with friends

Serious conversations with peers

Where training is about strength, mobility and endurance, it’s about developing, building not losing.

Where failing at something is met with respect, because you damn well tried.

Not scoffed at by some armchair expert.

Yes we laugh at each other when we fall, but while we;re laughing, we’re offering a helping hand up.

People call me and my gym old school.

Others have called me a Dinosaur (that was a complement by the way)

So when I look around and see the softening of our species and the lack of drive and discipline in the up coming generations. It saddens me.

So l ask you one thing.

They say we’re the average of the 5 people we sped the most time with.

If that’s true, i ask you to raise yourself above that average and in doing so, you’ll raise the average of that group of 5.

Be more than people expect of you.

And help other do the same.

That is the Wild Geese way.

Are you in?


Dave Hedges

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