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Mental, Physical, it's all Health

These last few days I've been tagged on Facebook as it's 4 years since a Kettlebell mile charity challenge.

For a while I was talking to fitness trainers asking about their views and experience of mental health.

There's a good number of people in this industry with a history of mental health issues.

It was their search for answers that lead them to fitness, and eventually becoming a trainer.

I spoke to people who have been diagnosed with mental health illnesses and how they found how fitness helps them.



Challenging limitations.

Trackable progress.

Stimulating anabolic hormone release

Reduced insulin sensitivity

Better sleep

Better aerobic effeciency

And a want to eat better and fuel the body better.

It might start with "I want to get fit" or "I want to lose weight"

But it morphs into, "I'm enjoying feeling energised and healthy"

Right now, mental health is a real conversation.

Lockdown has put a spotlight on this.

But it's all Health.

Breathe better

Eat better

Sleep better

Exercise better

Not obsessively

Just enough


Dave Hedges

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