Mens sana in corpore sano

Mens sana in corpore sano

This is a famous quote that I think sums up the work that I do in my Wild Geese gym with people who go to RehabCare’s HOPS centre.

The phrase, when translated from Latin, reads:

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”

And it is my belief that a healthy body is a crucial element to a healthy mind.

Many of the physical changes that occur in a body from exercise are well known. Things like improved strength, mobility and endurance.

But is that all we get from the gym?

Double Swings

Why is a healthy body so important for a healthy mind?

In my personal experience and well as professional experience as a coach to a huge variety of people, the adaptations that occur as a result of consistent training reach much further than simply being physically stronger and more durable.

Lets start with that though, physical durability and strength.

Durability, that’s a good word.

Think of something that is durable and you envisage tough, enduring, strong, unrelenting.

If we can help a person develop those qualities, imagine what they could achieve?

The physical strength to walk tall, stand tall and maintain a presence.

The toughness to accept their own weaknesses and to know what to do about them.

Enduring enough to take on the bad times and push on through and out the other side.

Unrelenting to stay the course, to never give in, to turn up day in, day out.

14 months in Cripple Corner, From Crutches to BJJ Gold

14 months in Cripple Corner, From Crutches to BJJ Gold, Seb NEVER quit

This is my goal when I work with my clients, the guys from HOPS and my regular members alike.

There are few better teachers of humble, dogged toughness and durability than a simple lump of iron and a stop watch.


And if you ever visit my gym with the guys from HOPS, that’s exactly what you’ll see.

You’ll see them square up against gravity, look it in the eye and fight it.

And in doing so, they are fighting themselves.

They are fighting the negative thoughts inside their head telling them to stop.

Telling them that they’re tired.

Telling them that they’re not strong enough.

You’ll see them fight and then you’ll see them winning.

And you’ll see them smile.