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Medals at the BJJ World Championships, and an offer for you

I'm not going to lie, this blog post is both a blatant brag and a sales pitch.

Let's start with the brag.

Last week we saw the BJJ World Championships take place in Las Vegas.

Two of my online clients had entered.

Two ladies.

One, a 50 yr old BJJ blue belt living in the USofA and the other a brown belt, co owner of Jungle BJJ in Dublin, Ireland.

Both ladies train with me online so they can be strong, mobile and enduring enough for their beloved BJJ.

And last week their hard work was rewarded as they both stood on the podium in Las Vegas,

Silvia, on the left trains in her Jungle BJJ studio using her Bulgarian Bags, a couple of kettlebells and bodyweight. She has become one of the toughest ladies I know. I predicted quietly that she had a podium in her, so when I saw this post on her instagram I was delighted, she's genuinely not had it easy. Then she sends me a message that she has two other medals from the Adult No Gi division too, and that she was only beaten on skill, her strength and conditioning were never in question.

My chest may have swelled just a little....

And then Shannon on the right.

A lady who has collected a basement full of Strength and Conditioning gear, most of it I'm sure, has a light coating of dust covering it, as we have used bodyweight and Kettlebells to turn her from a self doubting but capable BJJ player, to fighter that can quite literally take on anyone. A fighter who is complimented on her grip strength, her tenacity and her stamina. Who leaves younger, stronger training partners panting on the floor while she moves onto the next partner.

I am exceptionally proud of both these ladies and the effort they have put into following the plan.

Now the sales pitch...

Both ladies followed the same template, a template that is 12 weeks long and should finish the week before the competition begins. This template so far has the medals mentioned above, European Championships gold, Milan Open medals and few more all attached to it.

The reason we can use the template method is that I program from a principles first perspective, it's not dependant on any particular exercise, environment or tool. It is dependant on the person, the persons physiology and their willingness to do the work and maintain open communication with me.

Because of equipment and physiology variations, the template was slightly adjusted to the individuals involved. But not as much as you may think.

I've just done the maths and we are now 13 weeks out from the IBJJF European Championships, plenty of time to start this template and reap the rewards in Rome the week of Feb 14th to 22nd.

I'm offering you the opportunity to work with me either as an online training private client, you just have to get in touch before Monday 22nd November to apply for training.

I'll put you on the 12 week template, we'll tailor it to suit you, your body and your equipment availability.

This big red button will open the application form in a new tab:

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

And hopefully we'll both get some bragging rights!


Dave Hedges

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